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Contract: The terms of the Acknowledgement constitute a contract for sale between Summerill Tube Corp, Seller and Buyer, which shall be made in and governed by the laws of the state in which the contract is originated. Buyer agrees that this document and the Summerill Tube Corp quote, Customer Purchase Order, Summerill Tube Corp Acknowledgement and any accepted amendment shall constitute the entire contract between Summerill Tube Corp and Buyer. The delivery of goods referred to herein or the receipt hereof, shall be conclusively deemed to constitute the terms thereof, notwithstanding any prior course of dealing, custom, or usage of trade, or course of performance.

Any proposal for additional or different terms or any attempt by Buyer to vary in any degree any of the terms or this instrument is hereby objected to and rejected, unless documented and acceptable by amendments with Summerill Tube Corp. And this instrument shall be deemed accepted by Buyer without said additonal or different terms, but this instrument not be operated as a rejection of Buyer's offer unless it contains variances in the terms of the description, quantity, price or delivery schedule of the goods. The term "goods" as used herein shall mean items which Summerill Tube Corp is selling to Buyer persuant hereto, whether such are materials or products to be manufactured and delivered or services rendered, or both.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions:

Summerill Tube Corp. is an SAE AS9100 and ISO9001 registered company. As a supplier/subcontractor of a product processing or services, we would like you to be aware of the following supplier/subcontractor external requirements of our quality management system:

Procurement Specification for Raw Material, External Services, Product Processing Providers, and Tooling

I. Scope
– This specification covers purchased product and processing including:
a. Calibration and Testing Services
b. Machining and external processing operations (e.g. seam welding, finishing, honing, burnishing, cut & machine, tool coating, etc.)
c. Specialized maintenance on key STC equipment
d. Tooling (e.g. dies, mandrels, plugs)
e. Raw Material (stainless steel and nickel based tube hollows and strip)

II. Quality:
a. Calibration and testing services should preferably be accredited to a recognized standard.
b. Machining and external processing operations and tooling should preferably be registered to a recognized quality system standard.
c. STC external suppliers (vendors) are expected to implement and maintain a suitable quality management system and flow down quality management system requirements to their product and process sources.

III. Documentation:
a. Calibration, testing, certified test reports, certificates of analysis should indicate or provide direct access to the accreditation or registration certificate with the current date and issuing accreditation / registration / certification body identified.
b. Calibration certificates should indicate traceability to national or international standards.
c. Calibration or test reports should indicate on the certificate consideration and compliance all of the standards and/or specifications to which STC has requested on the STC purchase order, along with the requirements specified in ISO 17025 for calibration certificates.
d. Tooling inspection reports as requested by STC should contain all appropriate dimensional inspection results.

IV. Non-Conformance:
a. Deviations from the STC specification or purchase order requirements must be approved in writing (facsimile acceptable) by STC Purchasing Manager or STC Quality Manager prior to providing the product or completion of service to STC.

V. Supplier Notification Requirements:
a. Product or service suppliers to STC are responsible to notify STC by writing of any changes to their product, processes, suppliers and facilities that affect the product or services provided to STC.
b. STC suppliers of product or service are required to flow down this requirement to any affected supplier subcontractor(s) or supplier(s). It is the responsibility of STC suppliers to assure supplier subcontractor/supplier changes are communicated to STC.

VI. Supplier Records Retention:
a. STC suppliers are responsible to maintain records of product or services provided to STC for three (3) years minimum form the date of processing (20 years for nuclear suppliers).

VII. Right of Access:
a. STC or its clients authorized representative shall be permitted access to the supplier or their sub-tier supplier’s facilities and records for the purpose of performing in-process inspections, final inspections, or other inspections and audit activities pertinent to the items ordered.
b. Notice of such an audit, surveillance, or inspection will be communicated at least three (3) business days prior to arrival. Any such surveillance or inspection performed shall in no way relieve the supplier or the supplier’s subcontractor of any responsibility for product or service quality.

VIII. Personnel Responsibilities:
STC supplier personnel must be aware of :
a. Their contribution to product or service conformity
b. Their contribution to product safety
c. The importance of their ethical behavior

IX. Counterfeit Product:

STC suppliers of Product and Service must assure their processes and product and service prevent counterfeit product &/or service.

Counterfeit Product Defined (AS9100):

An unauthorized copy, imitation, substitute or modified part or product (e.g. material, part, component) which is knowingly misrepresented as a specified genuine part of an original or authorized manufacturer.

Note: Examples of a counterfeit part or product, can include but are not limited to, the false identification or marking or labelling, grade, serial number, date code, documentation or performance characteristics.

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