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Quality Statement

Summerill Tube Corp., Scottdale, Commitment:
Summerill Tube Corporation is dedicated to providing performance in quality, delivery, and customer service with professionalism and competence. Summerill Tube takes pride in its commitment to continually improve to meet or exceed customer requirements within a safe working environment.
Authority Statement:
All Summerill Tube personnel have the authority and organizational freedom to identify quality problems and initiate actions to prevent the occurrence of product nonconformity.Moreover, Quality Assurance personnel have the authority to stop processing, hold, and disposition material not conforming to the established process procedures of quality requirements of the order.
Managment Commitment:
Management is committed to the development and implemention of the quality management system and to continually improving its effectiveness. Top management demonstrates this commitment by:
  • Communicating to Summerill Tube personnel the importance of meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements;
  • Establishing a quality system complementary to contractual and applicable law and regulatory requirements;
  • Setting quality objectives;
  • Conducting management reviews; and
  • Ensuring the availability of resources.

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